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    PCBA splitter features and uses

    Time: 2019-05-23 11:45:40

    A must-have device for PCBA board PCBA processing plants.

    1. The characteristics of the PCBA board.

    1. Stable operation mechanism prevents improper external force from causing damage to PCB tin pavement, electronic parts solder joints and other circuits during folding.

    2. Special round knife material design ensures smooth pcb segmentation.

    3. The cutting stroke distance is controlled by five stages to quickly switch between different PCBs.

    4. Install high-frequency eye protection lighting to improve the operator's operation quality.

    5. Strengthen safety devices to avoid the dangers caused by human neglect

    6. Easy cutting distance adjustment: Adjust the cutting size of the contact button.

    7. Cutter wheel pressure adjustment: Adjust the clearance of the cutter head with the eccentric cam 0-2mm.

    8. The dual panel supports the design to make the double panel cut even more firmly.

    9. The PC board and the upper and lower knives are designed with a vertical shape of the tailgate, which is effectively increased.

    A. The edge of the b.pcb board is flat. C. The life of the cutter wheel is stable.

    10. Upper and lower shield plate, safety light eye and emergency stop switch safety mechanism design,

    II. Use a PCBA board.

    The PCBA extension is mainly used in the PCBA factory to test a typical PCBA board with the PCBA board after the solder joint is completed. Generally, the motherboard will not be separated in the SMT processing factory, but the cosmetics will be sent directly to the customer.

    In some small and medium-sized PCBA processing plants, manual partitioning will be used, but it is easy to damage the PCBA board, which is safer to use the machine indexing board.

    Due to the double layer and multiple layers of the printed circuit board, the conductive double-layer board using the rivet can not adapt to the design of the complex circuit, and the efficiency is too low, and it is powerless for the conductive sandwich board. The multiple layering of the circuit board is the inevitable result of the functional upgrade of the electronic product. How to make the high reliability conduction between the sandwich panels become an important technology to solve the problem. Thus, chemical methods using non-metallic hole metallization in printed circuit board technology have also emerged. The intersection of the two wire surfaces between the earliest PCB double-sided printed circuit boards led to hole metallization techniques. It is also one of the earliest industrial surface plating technologies for resin. Advances in this technology have led to the development and development of electroless copper plating technology.

    In the tide of China's economic development, the rapid development of SMT electronics manufacturing, the rise of Guangdong Province in central China, formed an electronic information industry base centered on Shenzhen, distributed in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai and surrounding areas. The rapid development of electronic technology, the growth of production costs, the strict corporate living environment, and the increasingly fierce market competition in the electronics industry have forced companies to seek more energy-efficient, more efficient and intelligent operation solutions, reduce costs and improve product quality. . The import of high-precision automation equipment electronics factory (SMT automatic knife type PCBA machine) reduces manual participation and improves product quality and consistency.



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